Seven-Month-Old Baby In Tulsa Hospital With Meningitis

Wednesday, April 21st 2010, 12:53 pm
By: News On 6

By Jeffrey Smith, the News On 6

TULSA, OK --   Another Green Country child faces life without limbs because of bacterial meningitis.

Seven-month-old Damin Hampton lost both of his legs to the disease in early April.

Alicia Hampton says she's overwhelmed by what her son has lost. And she wants parents to be aware of the symptoms.

"This disease is a monster. And it hits so fast, I mean your kid will be fine and you'll think, nothing's wrong," said Alicia Hampton, Damin's mother.  "And it goes from a rash. From a little dot. To being, next thing you know, you lose your legs,"

Warning: Graphic Meningitis Photos

Disclaimer: The News On 6 is making these pictures available only because the family wants to show parents how devastating meningitis can be. We want to warn viewers the pictures are graphic.

Damin has been in a Tulsa hospital for more than a month because of the disease. He had a tiny rash and flu-like symptoms. Within five hours, he was diagnosed with meningitis.

"He puked, and my husband went to go wipe off his face, and when he wiped his nose, it turned black. And his ears turned black," Hampton said. "And everywhere he was being touched, turned black."

In early April, doctors no choice but to amputate both legs above the knees. They also had to remove all 10 fingertips, and remove most of his nose, and parts of his ear.

Alicia says the hardest thing for her is that Damin started crawling just three days before he got sick.

"For a child that's just starting to run and play, it breaks your heart." she said.

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Alicia says she's speaking out because parents need to be educated about the symptoms and realize meningitis can change a life, in a matter of hours.

Damin's already had six skin grafts to repair damage to his legs and face. And he could be in the hospital for another three months.

Alicia Hampton initially told The News On 6 that Damin had spent time with Oologah meningitis victim Jeremiah Mitchell in January; however, she later said that she mis-spoke and the two children did not meet. 

A bank in Langley is collecting funds to help pay for Damin's medical bills:

Damin Hampton Fund
Oklahoma State Bank in Langley
36721 S. Highway 82
Langley, OK  74350

(918) 782-0011

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