Family, Friends Mourn Loss Of Man Killed In Shooting

Wednesday, August 6th 2014, 6:08 pm

Two Tulsa police officers - husband and wife - are in jail on a murder complaint after their daughter’s boyfriend was shot and killed Tuesday night.

The daughter said the gunman was her own father.

An 18-year-old woman and her 19-year-old boyfriend were walking on a street when witnesses saw a man pull up, shoot the boyfriend, fire shots at the girl then drive off.

The suspect was identified by the girl as her father, Tulsa Police Officer Shannon Kepler.

Around 9:00 Tuesday night, Lisa Kepler, - daughter of Shannon and Gina Kepler - said she was walking west of downtown with her new boyfriend, Jeremy Lake, when her dad pulled up in an SUV.

"And he said, 'What the hell are you doing here?' And I was like, speechless," Lisa said.

She said her dad shot Jeremy at close range and killed him.

"I'm just so confused and lost," she said.

When police got on scene it took them almost no time to realize their suspect was a fellow officer, but it would be hours before Shannon turned himself in.

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His wife Gina was arrested as an accessory for not helping police locate her husband, his car or his gun.

The link between the suspects and the victim is 18-year-old Lisa.

"Cause my dad was very angry,” she said. "I was afraid he was going to do something, and he did, he shot him."

The victim, Lake, is Lisa's boyfriend of one week, gave her a place to stay after she said her father kicked her out.

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"Jeremy was everything to me and he killed him," Lisa said.

The confrontation happened in the street and witness Josh Mills said he saw it, but couldn't save his friend.

"I was by his side for two or three minutes trying to get him to breathe and all that and he just passed,” Mills said.

Lisa said, "Jeremy was right next to the car, I saw him slump back."

She said her father was still in the car when he shot her boyfriend. She said there was no struggle and it happened quickly.

Lake's mom, brother and aunt are in disbelief. Police said one of the bullets even grazed his 13-year-old brother, Mikey.

“I miss my brother and I want to see him again,” he said.

Lake's mother, Sherri Hamilton, ran outside just as her son died.

"Pain, massive pain, seeing my son dead in the street, knowing there was nothing I could do," she said.

She said Jeremy gave Lisa a place to stay after Shannon kicked her out; and doesn't know how such an act of kindness ended in violence.

“Cause it was one of their people that took one of ours and we never did nothing. We just took in a girl who got kicked out of her home," said Lake’s aunt, Pam Songbird.

The family was shocked to find the suspect was a police officer.

"Life hadn't even got started and why he had to take his life I don't know," said Songbird.

Hamilton said, "He was just a very kind, sweet person; always happy, always joyous and just a blessing to be around."

The officers remain in jail and have been suspended with pay from the force.

Lake was set to start welding school Thursday; instead, there will be a vigil in his remembrance.