249 Oklahoma Laws Take Effect On November 1

Thursday, October 22nd 2015, 11:27 am

There are more than 240 laws that go into effect on November 1 in Oklahoma, including the ban on texting and driving, new regulations for car seats and new toll booth technology.

Some of them you may not have heard about.

Paper voter registration forms and waiting in line at the local tag agency won't go away, but two new laws will give you online options.

The State Board of Elections and the Department of Public Safety tell us their online voter registration and license renewal systems - respectively - are still being developed, and they won't be ready for you to use for up to 3 or 4 years from now.  Once ready, state election officials says registering to vote online will be more secure.

Another law allows more medical professions access to a central prescription repository, and requires doctors who prescribe the pills to check the database to see if a patient is trying to get prescription drugs illegally.

Epinephrine injections – you may know them by the popular brand name EPI-Pens - can save your life during a severe allergic reaction.  A new Oklahoma law will allow any organization to start storing EPI-Pens in a secure box that can be used by a Good Samaritan to save someone's life.
Oklahoma's execution procedures have been in the news and on November 1, we will have a law that allows for execution by nitrogen gas, electrocution and firing squad - in that order - if lethal injections are ruled unconstitutional, or become unavailable.

Also on November 1, Oklahoma will become a Right To Try state, which would allow terminally ill patients to try drugs that have not yet have full FDA approval.

List of Oklahoma legislation that takes effect on November 1.