Tulsa Auto Sales Business Catches Fire

Monday, February 5th 2018, 11:53 am

An auto sales business caught fire in the 5900 block of 11th Street Monday and firefighters say an effort to stay warm may be what sparked the fire. 

Tulsa firefighters had the fire under control around 10:45 a.m. 

The inside of Good Deal Auto Sales near 11th and Sheridan is gutted by the fire. Crews pulled out what can be salvaged from the building like some filing cabinets.

A man pulling into the lot to look at a car and he said i twas clear no one realized there was a big fire here. He ran around started beating on windows, and he got the attention of someone in the back. They came running out to get away from the fire.

"I was looking at the Tahoe and I saw the side of the building on fire, it was on fire, on fire real bad, and I called the fire department, and the fire department was out here, quick like that," said witness Darnell Stoker. 

TFD said they had to break a window to get inside. 

"We had a break a window on the east side to make entry and they got in here and knocked it out," said Stan May with the Tulsa Fire Department. "Only took about 15 minutes to knock it down and get it under control."

The fire department sent some extra help to the scene because there are so many cars here and because of the weather, in case tired and cold firefighters needed some relief, but in this case, they got the fire out pretty quickly.