Bride-to-be dies after 4 years in coma

Wednesday, May 7th 2008, 5:37 pm
By: News 9

By Jacqueline Sit, NEWS 9

For four years and eight months, Margie Galindo's daughter clung to life.

Felicia Esquivias, just two days away from her wedding day, was driving along Interstate 44 when a car crossed over the median and smashed into her.

"She didn't die that day, but I lost that child that day," Galindo said.

The family buried Esquivias on Wednesday after the young woman spent years in a vegetative state and in nursing care.

"To see your child like that is so sad," Galindo said. "She communicated by sighing at me just like an infant. She couldn't move herself, she couldn't raise her hand."

Galindo plead for a cable barrier to be set up at the median where Esquivias was hit. It was the same area where a firefighter and his son died in a crossover crash last summer.

"My child is being buried across form there because that's where she really lost her life," Galindo said. "Now, she's with God."

Family said Esquivias is also blessed by the love of her fiancé, who until this day, has never left her side. She was remembered in the very church where she planned to become a bride.

"Everyone she touched before the accident is her friend," Galindo said. "After the accident, she never spoke one word and she has more friends now."

Galindo said she's has rented a billboard off Interstate 44, near the site of her daughter's accident with a before and after picture of Esquivias. A title is also posted on the billboard saying, 'This is going to be you' until something is done.