Oklahoma program teaches Chinese doctors

Tuesday, May 13th 2008, 7:04 pm
By: News 9

By Melissa Maynarich, NEWS 9

There's a special relationship between doctors in Oklahoma and China. An exchange program was set up in which both teach each other about medicine.

Like medical students in the U.S. do, these Chinese doctors spend time observing.

Six Chinese doctors travelled from the Gansu Province in central China to Oklahoma, where they'll stay for six months, shadowing physicians.

"They go with me to surgery in the morning, they observe, they ask questions," Orthopedic Surgeon Ghazi Rayan said. "We explain to them what we do. In the afternoon they come to my clinic and they see patients."

And they train on the same equipment American surgeons do, refining their microsurgery skills in the laboratory. Already, the doctors feel they're expanding their knowledge of western medicine.

"I stay here only one month, I've learned a lot of things; information, new technology, new ideas," Chinese Orthopedic Surgeon Jay Liu said.

Dr. Eli Reshef is an infertility doctor in Oklahoma City, just back from a trip to China.

There, he lectured and toured the Gansu Province, finding out exactly how the relationship between our region and theirs benefits everyone.

"They can learn a lot from our technology and our medical education for example in my field," Reshef said. "We can learn a lot about a different country, about the fact that the county that we thought would have different people would have people with different character. There are a lot more things we have in common with Chinese than we don't."

The Chinese physicians are learning quickly, and are enthusiastic about the exchange of scientific ideas.

"When I go back to my home town, Lanzhou, I can do this; I think I can do this," Liu said.

And Oklahoma doctors are optimistic the Chinese will return to their country with new ideas about the health care system, and the one-on-one treatment of patients.