Swim lessons offer relief for parents

Saturday, May 31st 2008, 9:20 pm
By: News 9

By Jennifer Pierce, NEWS 9

It's been a tragic week on Oklahoma waters. Two children died after drowning. First responders found a 16-month-old at the bottom of his grandparent's northwest Oklahoma City pool. In Enid, a 7-year-old died at a water park. A third child is still in the hospital recovering.

These incidents have some metro parents concerned and taking extra precautions. Just 30 minutes of education could keep your children safe this summer.

The 30 minute classes at the Lighthouse Fitness Club teach children the basics of swimming.

"We start them from the beginning, ice cream scoops, how to kick," swim instructor Candice Payne said. "We teach them first how to float. That is very important, just floating on their backs, because if they are in trouble they can just roll over to float and yell for help that way."

While the swim lessons are important, you also need to take other precautions to keep your kids safe, like wearing a life jacket or using floatation devices.

And spray parks are a good alternative to the pool or lake. They're several located around the metro; just click here for more information.