Emergency workers rescue Tulsa residents

Wednesday, June 11th 2008, 9:54 am
By: News 9


Several people in Sperry were rescued by boat on Tuesday after high water forced them from their homes.

Throughout the day, the water in Breanna Points' yard at 106th Street North got deeper and deeper. All the roads leading to her house went underwater. When the water became several inches deep inside her home, she said she needed help.

"Next thing we knew, we woke up and it was past our top step, and then it started coming into our house," said Points.

A rescue boat with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol came to the family's aid. All seven people, including Points, who is seven months pregnant, made it out safely.

"Most of our clothes are gone; TV, coffee tables, couches, it's all gone," said Points.

While OHP rescue crews got those flood victims to safety, another rescue was taking place at the same time about a mile away.

A Tulsa County Sheriff's Office rescue team got three people and five dogs out of a home on 96th Street North. All the while, they were fighting a strong current and dangerous conditions, they said.

"It never got like this before. The last time we could walk to the neighbor's house and go around, but this time, you can't walk anywhere. I mean, it's covered down there," said flood evacuee Teresa Christmas.

With the water steadily rising, sheriff's deputies say it's a good thing the flood victims called for help when they did, instead of trying to get out on their own.

"It's still coming up and there is some movement in it, which makes it dangerous because people will overestimate their ability to maneuver in the water," said Sgt. Willie Lewis with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

Emergency crews say the rescues are a reminder of how quickly conditions can change and how dangerous it can be to delay getting to higher ground.

"I thank them so much. I'm just thankful," said Christmas.