Rainbows, Redhawks, and fireworks!

Saturday, July 5th 2008, 9:07 pm
By: News 9

By News9 Meteorologist Carrie Rose, July 5, 2008.

As some of you may know, it rained for a bit before the Redhawks game in Bricktown on the 4th of July.  Of course, I knew that was a possibility, having been in our forecast, so I wasn't put out when the pouring began.  I even planned ahead by letting my hair be curly that evening instead of straightening it like I usually do when I'm on air.  My naturally curly hair was ready to handle the humidity!

As the rain shower moved away, I looked east and there was a gorgeous full rainbow framed by the Redhawks Stadium and a crystal blue sky!  It certainly set the tone for a 4th of July lights celebration, from refraction of light in a rainbow to explosions creating light from fireworks.  To learn more about how rainbows are created, click here.  The sun was to my west, I was facing east looking at the remaining raindrops--the recipe for a rainbow!

Even though the Redhawks lost this game to the Cubs, I still had a fabulous time.  (Maybe I'm bad luck at a baseball game, seeing as how the Braves lost when I went to that game in Atlanta recently...herm).  In keeping with holiday tradition, I ate a hot dog (with only ketchup) and drank a Coke.  Technically, it was a Dr Pepper, but where I come from, we call all soft drinks "Coke."  The pace and progress of baseball is soothing and relaxing to me, for whatever reason.  Maybe because I associate baseball games, fireworks, and hot dogs with my dad, and that certainly is a comfort.  I was quite mellowed out after the game and fireworks display.  Who needs yoga when there's baseball?

Growing up in Georgia, my family would spend every 4th of July at my Nana's house on Lake Oconee.  Nana would make peach ice cream from scratch down by the rose garden, and I swear Georgia peaches never tasted so good!  The family would claim seats on the dock after dark to watch the fireworks over the lake.  This was convenient for us, since we didn't have to compete with other boats for a view of the show at the golf course just across the water from my Nana's house.  We enjoyed watching the parade of boats to and from the fireworks, commenting on this pontoon or that bass boat.  The smell of OFF! spray, sparkler smoke, and fishy lake water was heavy in the air over the dock as darkness fell, and we awaited somewhat impatiently for the first warning flare to soar above the golf course.  Finally, there it was!  We all erupted into cheers and clapping, along with the folks on boats in the water.  I remember looking around at my family members as the flashes of light and color reflected off their smiling faces.  We were all warm in the Georgia summer evening, full from all the food we seemed to eat almost constantly through the day, and happy and content in the company of loved ones.  Those were savory summers for me.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I was inspired during my trip home by the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  So this morning, I bought some plants and flowers for my big planter to showcase at my front steps, and also some daylilies to mix in with my rose bushes.  By mid-day, it was already 93 degrees, and I was positively glistening in the Oklahoma summer sun!  I've posted pictures here of my resulting planter, but the picture doesn't properly capture the final product, in my opinion.  So  maybe I'm not a master garderner yet, but I'm still pleased with my little attempts!  Cross your fingers that these survive more than a month...