Oklahomans set sail to beat gas prices

Sunday, July 6th 2008, 9:00 pm
By: News 9

By Jeffrey Smith, for NEWS 9

KEYSTONE LAKE, Okla. - Increasing gas prices are driving more people to take up sailing.

Oklahoma sailing clubs said they've seen an increase in business this summer compared to last. Since sailboats use wind as fuels, sailors are unaffected by the high gas prices.

"As people become affected by the gas prices, they'll start looking for alternative means of recreation and I think our club will see a large growth," said JoAnn Chandler with the Windycrest Sailing Club. "You can have a summer's worth of fun out here at Windycrest Sailing Club for what it would cost you to gas your boat up and ski for one day."

Oliver Seekins has been sailing for three years.

"I see more of my friends wanting to get into sailing because they're sick of paying for gas on their sea-doos and motorboats," Seekins said. "It's just more than other sports that I've done. It's physically and mentally challenging."