Pickens looks to new methods of communication

Wednesday, July 9th 2008, 8:06 pm
By: News 9

By Charles Bassett, NEWS 9

Oklahoma's blowing wind could be the answer to our nation's energy crisis. Billionaire oilman Boone Pickens wants to harness wind energy and use it to replace natural gas as a way of generating electricity.

In turn, that natural gas could be used to power vehicles, lowering the need for expensive foreign oil.

Pickens plan has a lot of people talking.

To gain support for his new plan, Pickens turned to new methods of communication and explained his ideas to a younger audience through some popular internet sites.

His Youtube video looks like a well-produced political ad, but it's T. Boone Pickens touting his new energy plan.

The plan calls for reducing the need for foreign oil and harnessing domestic alternatives like wind power.

Pickens even has his own website set up explaining the plan.

At 80 years old, Pickens has learned the power of the net in disseminating information. David Nelson, a communications instructor at the University of Central Oklahoma, said Pickens made a very smart move.

"He can reach through the new media a particular specified audience without covering a broad audience like conventional media does," Nelson said.

Pickens also did some social networking by setting up a Boone Pickens MySpace page and a Pickens Facebook Page. Both websites that are popular with the college aged crowds, which could influence the presidential election.

"The college-aged students right now love Barack Obama and through Facebook and Myspace he's reaching a very large portion of that audience," Nelson said.

Nelson said there is also a downside to this new media. He believes mediums like blogs publish wrong information about Pickens and his plan, which has already begun to happen.