Auto attraction: How cars reflect personalities

Monday, July 21st 2008, 4:06 pm
By: News 9

By Amy Lester, NEWS 9

Many people think long and hard before buying a vehicle.

What does a man's car have to do with his personality? What does a woman's car suggest about the woman? What type of person is attracted to what kind of car?

Whatever you drive, people are paying attention.

Some people said a nice car tells that the driver likes nicer things in life. Many people become attached to their vehicle and sometimes name their auto.

What exactly does it say about your personality?

"It's something a lot of men like to know, especially ‘What kind of message am I portraying when I drive this vehicle?'" said dating expert DeAnna Lorraine.

Lorraine took her years of expertise, and put together profiles of the men who drive the top five most leased vehicles and what women they attract.

First up is the Toyota Camry.

"That type of driver seems to be very solid and reliable and committed, just like the car itself," Lorraine said. "It's probably not going to wear out anytime soon or trade you in for something younger or hotter."

That's pretty much how most people, men and women, see the Camry driver.

Camry drivers were described as "more practical" and "middle-class" people who probably travel a lot, according to some who were polled.

Lorraine said Camry drivers attract sweet, level headed, uncomplicated women.

The next car is the Ford F-150.

Many thought this was a "manly" vehicle.

"Working man, I always think about that with the trucks," said one person who was polled.

Lorraine considers guys with F-150s to be strong, masculine and confident.

"There sometimes can be the stereotype that they might be a little bit insecure or overcompensating for something by getting this big truck," Lorraine said.

She said big trucks attract women who want a man to protect them.

Next, there is the Corvette.

"This guy is definitely racy, flamboyant, definitely a thrill seeker, you know, he might be construed as narcissistic," Lorraine said.

Many people agree.

Lorraine said the Corvette appeals to impulsive, wild, rebellious women who like the bad boy.

The Chevy Suburban is next on the list.

"Has a lot of kids; wife probably has a minivan," said one person when asked to describe a possible driver.

Lorraine agreed. The suburban driver likes adventure, travel and spends time with friends and family. He grabs some attention.

"He attracts a woman who's probably on the tomboy side, you know, someone who's not going to be totally prissy, but really fun," Lorraine said.

Last, but not least is the Mercedes S Class.

"The Mercedes S Class driver is very successful, very stylish and conservative and really confident," Lorraine said.

Some think that means pockets full of big bucks.

"Definitely has lots of money and can afford to splurge," said one person when polled.

"He's either got too much money or, I'm not real sure, that would be a way out of my class right there," said another driver when polled.

Lorraine said the Mercedes attracts sophisticated women who want someone to take care of them.

While cars can make a first impression it takes more than a sweet ride to attract a woman. Most, do look beyond the car for substance. 

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