Oklahomans try and beat the heat

Tuesday, July 22nd 2008, 7:11 pm
By: News 9

By Gan Matthews, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- There is officially no doubt about it. Summer has arrived and the time is right for beating the heat.

Since Monday EMSA has made three runs to help people overcome by the heat.

One of those calls was to Sandra Leeds home. She's been trying--unsuccessfully-- to keep cool with a box fan. She has an air conditioning unit, but she's reluctant to run it.

"When I turn it on, the lights start blinking and everything," Leeds said. "The overload and everything...I'm afraid of fire."

If she had a car--which she doesn't-- Leeds could chill out at the downtown cooling station run by the Salvation Army.

"You know, Oklahoma heat can be very, very dangerous especially if you don't have regular access to air conditioning or fresh water," Heide Brandes with the Salvation Army said.

A few feet away, however, some people preferred to lie in the shade rather than go inside the cooling station.

"It's not that hot to me right now, I'm used to being outside," metro resident David Miller said. "But when it gets real hot I'll go in."

For some people the middle of the day is the only time to do yard work.

"I work nights, and I sleep a lot during the day and work a lot of days in a row so when I have a day off I've got to get out and get it done," metro resident Stephanie Plants said.

One metro resident, Ray Hampton, said the heat doesn't bother him.

"I've got central heat and air; Like I say, I won't run it, electricity bill is too high," Hampton said.

The Salvation Army has set up several cooling stations across the metro.