Crash survivor nominates her 'little angels' as Oklahoma Heroes

Tuesday, July 29th 2008, 6:24 pm
By: News 9

"I know god was giving me two little angels to watch over me."

It's time to introduce you to another 2007 Oklahoma Hero nominee. NEWS 9's Doug Warner reports not one, but two little heroes are vying to share the honor.

Barely a mile from the Oklahoma/Kansas border, and in a spot more rural than nearby downtown Braman itself, Aubree Day found herself face down in a wheat field underneath her 6,500 pound Chevy Tahoe which had flipped over on top of her.

"I don't really remember being in the field," crash survivor Aubree Day said. "I think it's better that I don't remember."

Aubree says she remembers very little after heading down the dirt road, swerving to miss an animal  and striking the ditch.

"I was lying with my head towards the back of the car," Day said.

She was thrown out the driver's window and directly under the SUV's crushed sunroof and windshield. Aubree badly injured her right hand, but that was her only injury.

"Logic would tell you a car is on somebody you wouldn't expect them to make it through it," Aubree's sister-in-law Susan Giger said.

Everyone was left in disbelief that Aubree survived an hour trapped underneath the Tahoe.

"God was with her, it's a miracle," Giger said.

God may have been Aubree's co-pilot that day, but Aubree's 7-year-old niece Megan and her close friend 5-year-old Aislyn were her backseat heroes.

"Do you remember when the car came to a stop?" asked NEWS 9's Doug Warner.

"When it rolled and went that way," Megan replied.

You see Aubree wasn't alone when the crash happened; she, Megan and Aislyn were headed to Megan's house to pick up her mother Susan. After the crash the young girls were left hanging upside down. 

"We knew where she was," Megan said.

Megan says after unbuckling Aislyn made the discovery.

"I lifted up the floor mat and saw her back," Aislyn said.

Under that floor mat and through the shattered sunroof, they could see Aunt Aubree.  But can you imagine, Aubree's only chance at survival was two little girls sitting alone inside a flipped SUV. 

"I know God was giving me two little angels to watch over me," Aubree said.

Megan and Aislyn crawled out a broken side window and then through thick brush just to make it back to the road. But the girls still had to figure out which way to run for help. While looking around their eyes locked on Megan's family's grain bin over a quarter of a mile away. The girls began running, wiping the tears the entire way.

"Next thing I know I've got two little girls screaming and crying," Giger said.

Susan immediately jumped in her car and drove off. She found skid marks and the four-wheels of Aubree's SUV sticking up in the air, then, one-by-one, help began arriving, family, friends and firefighters from Braman and Blackwell.

"When its someone you know, that you're close to, that's a whole different game," Carl Tanner with the Braman Fire Department said.

They lifted the SUV and saved a life that day. Little did anyone expect such a miracle, especially from two of smallest little angels on earth.

"For them to have been as brave and quick thinking as they were, they're my heroes," said Day.