The summer of love continues

Monday, August 11th 2008, 12:39 pm
By: News 9

By News9 Meteorologist Carrie Rose.

The "summer of love," as I have dubbed it, continued this weekend with yet another wedding in Georgia.  I flew home to spend a little time with my family, and drove to Macon to see two college friends from Georgia Tech get married.  My best friend since middle school was a bridesmaid, and several other friends from my "Tech days" were either in the wedding or in attendance.

One summer in college, I did a study abroad program through Georgia Tech, where my best friend and other good friends went to school.  We travelled all over western Europe for more than a month, then parked at Oxford University in England for six weeks.  It was a summer filled with incredible sights, experiences, and unforgettable times with friends.  I thoroughly enjoyed the music and art courses we took while travelling, because we would study a piece then go see it in a museum or hear it performed live.  However, I think the course that impacted me the most was a sustainability class I took at Oxford.  This course taught sustainability practices implemented as a business model for greater efficiency and economy.  While most of the practices would be deemed "green," the purpose is for better business, not just for the sake of "being green."  Yet the sustainability model does lead to better efficiency and environmental care.

So as I walked into the gorgeous cathedral for the ceremony Saturday evening, a flood of memories washed over me as I saw faces I had not seen in years.  It was surreal to hug people who used to be an intimate and daily part of my life, but through time and distance have faded.  Of course the friendships remain, but are more memory than present.  People enter and leave our lives for various reasons, but the season we have to share is no less precious because it is just that--a season.

Jake and Laura, the groom and bride, are both successful, driven people.  Jake is in the Navy, and Laura always excelled in her coursework and now her profession.  The priest officiating the ceremony mentioned this, but also said that Jake and Laura realize one of the most fundamental truths of humanity.  Despite individual sucess and ambition, "it is not good for man to be alone."  With a little career compromise here and there, Jake and Laura have made it possible to marry and be together.  They realized personal career sacrifice was worth being together.  But it sounds like what was viewed as a career sacrifice in the beginning is now actually a blessing.  Laura has found a good job she's happy with, and Jake continues to develop his Naval career.  And they're together. 

So what about those of us who are "alone?"  I am unmarried, and I feel that the blessings of friendship and family have surrounded and sustained me as a single adult.  Granted, I do also recognize that fundamental truth of humanity, that it is not good to be alone.  For now, though, what a joy it is to see the togetherness of dear friends coming to fruition!

Weddings attended 2008: 3 so far, bridesmaid in 2 of them

Weddings missed 2008 (either weather or wedding date conflict): 2

Weddings still to attend 2008: 3

WHEW!  Guess I should start getting ready for the babies to come, huh?