Patriotic truck honors military service

Tuesday, August 12th 2008, 5:49 pm
By: News 9

By Craig Day, for NEWS 9

TULSA, Okla. -- From freedom boxes to flying the American flag, many people have found ways to show their patriotism, pride and support. Some Oklahomans found a unique way to honor those who serve, both past and present.

Danny Eberle said he has always had a love for his country and an appreciation for military men and women.

"There is no other country like this," said Danny Eberle, Truck of Honor owner.

There is likely no other tribute to the U.S. similar to the one Eberle and his wife came up with.

"We kind of looked at each other and said let's do it," said Jody Eberle, Truck of Honor owner.

Along with his wife Jody Eberle, who he married 50 years ago on the July 4, Danny Eberle created the Truck of Honor.

"We're just letting people sign our truck, that's all," said Jody Eberle.

Their 1992 Chevy truck is a rolling tribute to men and women in the military.

"They say Washington has its stone wall of veterans. But, I've got this old Chevrolet, and it is mine," Danny Eberle said.

The overhaul began with a banner, but then the Eberles started letting people sign the truck. Veterans, active duty military, and those with loved ones who served have signed the old truck.

There are more than 1,000 signatures so far and everywhere the couple goes, more signatures are added.

"These are all of our heroes on this truck," Danny Eberle said.

The Eberles said their Truck of Honor is a way to honor those heroes, their service and sacrifice.

"It does my heart real good for them to come up and scratch their name on it," Danny Eberle said.

"We just can't show enough support and honor to our service people," Jody Eberle said.

"As long as I can keep it going, it's going to go. And when the old Chevrolet dies, we're going to put it up on a pedestal in the front yard," Danny Eberle said.

The Eberles said as long as the truck runs and they don't run out of space, they'll keep adding more names. They'll keep the tribute on the road and our military men and women in their hearts.

The Eberles hope to find someone who is willing to put a clear coat on the old truck so the names don't fade. Their grandson, John Bender from Broken Arrow, deploys to Iraq on Wednesday.