'Go Green' riding your bike to work

Tuesday, August 19th 2008, 7:25 pm
By: News 9

By Terry Hood, for NEWS 9

It's an environmental way to help the environment and save money on gas. Some said pedal power is a great way to "Go Green."

Bicyclists said it's cheaper and leaves a smaller footprint on the environment. Gary Parker loves the view from his bicycle seat.

"You become a lot more aware of your community and your surroundings," Parker said.

Parker is almost always found on his bike. For him it's a way to stay in shape and show his colors.

"If you're looking for a patriotic thing to do, try commuting five days a month on your bike," Parker said.

Parker was one of dozens of riders who chose Tuesday to bike to work.

"It's not bad at all, it's a little bit longer than it takes to drive plus I get all of my aerobic points for the day, so it's a great combination," bicyclist Tom Hoffman said.

The exercise of pushing those pedals is beneficial, but even more importantly biking is much friendlier to the environment.

"It doesn't take gasoline to power it," Parker said. "You power it with the carbohydrates you eat."

Bikers said it really doesn't take much effort, and just a few times a month is enough to take a step toward "Going Green."