Del City police search for missing mother

Saturday, September 13th 2008, 9:00 pm
By: News 9

By Jon Jordan, NEWS 9

DEL CITY, Okla. -- A mother of three has been missing since Friday and police have detained her ex-husband for questioning.

Family members called police Friday to report 31-year-old Nakeeta Smith's disappearance. They last heard from Smith Friday night.

Dontee Johnson, 34, has been the focus of the investigation after he was found driving Smith's car with her two children on Saturday at approximately noon, police said.

Johnson was arrested by Del City police Saturday evening.

Police said they suspect foul play. Twice in the past two weeks, authorities have been called to Smith's home near SE 15 and Bryant Avenue on domestic charges.

"He did make some threats and I did hear they were having trouble in the relationship," sister April Smith said.

Johnson's record indicates a violent nature and includes a number of convictions from drug charges and armed robbery to shooting with intent to kill.

Family members have taken matters into their own hands, hoping and searching for answers about Smith's disappearance.

"We have to get out and search. There is no other way to do it, to get out, band together and look for her," Smith's step-mother Mary Hennesy said.

Police have focused their investigation at Smith's home, where officials said they found evidence of a violent attack.

"That was an immediate red flag," Smith's sister said. "He's been threatening her and stalking her."

Her family refuses to give up hope.

"There is a fear we're gonna find something, but we would rather find her then not know where she is and right now; we don't know where she is and that's worse than anything," Hennesy said.

Neighbors said Smith's family, especially her three children, are taking the incident hard.

"I talked to the son. He's actually come over to the house a few times, um, he's handling it pretty rough, as would be expected and I just feel really sorry for him," neighbor April Hobart said.

Family members said Smith's 16-year-old has stopped talking totally.

Two of Smith's children were in the house when police arrived, but they were taken into custody and are staying with relatives, officials said.

One officer was injured during the suspect's arrest. Police Capt. Jody Suit said some of Smith's family assaulted Johnson at the scene and later at the police station. The officer sustained a minor head injury, but is expected to recover.

Suit said Johnson had a relationship with Smith and police said he was the last person with her.

If you have any information about Nakeeta Smith, call the Del City Police Department.