Invisible guest investigation results

Sunday, September 14th 2008, 4:57 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, INsite Team

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Tracy Agee and her grandmother Wanda Haley recently requested the help of Oklahoma Paranormal Research and Investigations. They had been experiencing unexplainable incidents within their home in Colbert, Oklahoma. They wanted somebody to come in, validate and explain to them what was happening.

As with all investigations, OKPRI founder Christy Selfridge knows nothing of what the clients have been experiencing. This helps add creditability to any evidence collected, and what Selfridge might pick up intuitively.

"We have four researchers on our team and they are the best I think out there. They pull land records. They talk to people. They go dig as much as much as they can dig to pull information," Selfridge said. "We're able to validate quite a few things from a historical stand point even with some of the things that I was picking upon."

The investigation yielded multiple forms of evidence: pictures and video of light anomalies, voices of people that were not present were recorded, one of which sounds as if an older man is pleading for the investigators not to leave. Such recordings are known as electronic voice phenomena, or EVP's.

One incident happened during the filming of one of the team's sweeps of the house.

"We were downstairs in the master bedroom conducting our sweeps as normal. You're filming and all of the sudden, we saw you lunge two to three feet forward and it actually looked like someone had come up and just pushed you from behind," Selfridge said. "Whenever we saw it, we could tell that you were caught off guard. Ghosts sometimes tend to be territorial. It might have been telling you to back off or back away or let you know that it didn't want you there. Sometimes they do that to let you know that they're present, but definitely it was an experience."

Some of the collected evidence recorded, can be watched or listened to by clicking on the video player to the right. 

Each EVP that is listed includes what the team thinks the EVP is saying, but this is just the team's interpretation. If you think that you hear something different, please use the topix forum at the bottom of the page to let us know your opinion.

EVP 1 - In this recording you hear four voices, but only three were actual people in the room. You first hear a question, "Is one of them Dwayne?" from an investigator. The second voice you hear was not heard at the time of the recording by anyone present in the room. The EVP is thought to be saying, "Aw ma".

EVP 2 - This EVP was recorded while Christy was explaining something to another investigator. In the middle of her sentence, you hear what is believed to be "Help".

EVP 3 - This EVP is a direct, intelligent response because it is actually answering a question by an investigator. The question is asked, "What is your name?"  The response is thought to be, "Megan."

EVP 4 - This EVP is interesting because I was present when this EVP was recorded. It was captured while an investigator and I were outside. No woman was present. You first hear me and the investigator laugh and then what sounds like a woman saying "His pants are off!"

EVP 5 - Two female investigators were outside talking about the investigation when you hear what sounds like an older woman interjecting into the conversation. It's believed to be saying, "What the hell, what are you doing?" The second part of the EVP is actually heard over one of the investigators talking.

EVP 6 - In this EVP, the team is leaving a room and closing the door to that room. They just heard what sounded like someone walking up the stairs and they're discussing that. As they are talking a deep, guttural voice of a man is heard pleading, "Don't leave me. Everybody leave me." The voice was not heard at the time of the recording. This was also captured on video. (Note: A family dog was present and can be heard at the beginning panting.)

Light anomaly picture-This is a picture of Tracy Agee's grandfather in his dining room. In the picture, you can clearly see an orb over his shoulder.

Light anomaly video - This took place in the master bedroom, the same room I was pushed in. The investigator was sitting next to the grandfather and right above her head, you can see an orb pass right by. The first part of the video is real time and the second part is slowed down.

Pushed video - This is video of me filming OKPRI in the master bedroom. You see the video move when I get pushed and my reaction. For me, this was very strange. I honestly felt a hand on back shoving me forward.