Missing Del City woman's body found

Tuesday, September 30th 2008, 8:28 am
By: News 9

By Kirsten McIntyre, NEWS 9

SPENCER, Okla. - Investigators found the body of a missing Del City mother.

Naketta Smith's body was found Monday night after her ex-husband led Del City detectives to the scene.

Smith's ex-husband, Dontee Johnson, was jailed the same day she disappeared, but police said he was staying tight lipped. But last night, police said he confessed to the crime, but only after a controversial leader paid him a visit.

Despite their sadness, Smith's family is relieved.

"It's a good day, this is a good day," Smith's mother, Debra King said. "We found her, and we can give her a decent burial and friends, and everyone can come and rejoice and the person who did it is behind bars."

Smith's mother is referring to Johnson. He was arrested in her car the day Smith disappeared, but police said he wouldn't cooperate.

Desperate to find her, Smith's family called EquuSearch, a search and rescue group from Texas.

"We're not the typical search team that walks around in uniforms and whistles around their neck," EquuSearch Director Tim Miller said.

The unusual way in which they search may explain why EquuSearch flew in a controversial activist from Houston. Quanell X is the leader of the New Black Panther Nation. He visited Johnson in jail Monday night, and within an hour, he said Johnson had confessed.

"He said it was an accident, the said he did not mean for it to happen, that he did kill his wife, but that it was an accident and that he didn't intentionally mean to do it," Quanell said.

Quanell said Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakan taught him his strategies and techniques. He said this is the 29th time he's solved a crime.

"Every time I solve one of these cases like this, I go through a degree of depression," Quanell said. "I'm grieving for the family and the suspect because I grieve for such a loss of human life."

Meanwhile, the man who owns the property where Smith was found hammers a cross into the ground. For her family and searchers that ground is now sacred.

"We wasn't going to stop until we found her, she know that," King said.

"You know this is number 86 that we've taken home in eight years," Miller said. "It doesn't get any easier."

Tim Miller from EquuSearch will be back for Smith's funeral. He's been asked to be a pallbearer.

Police said Johnson led investigators to the scene. He bent over the body and began to cry, saying he was sorry.

Nakketa Smith was the mother of three children.

Johnson remains in the Oklahoma County Jail on unrelated charges.