Gun collection stolen from self storage unit

Wednesday, October 8th 2008, 6:46 pm
By: News 9

By Charles Bassett, NEWS 9

EDMOND, Okla. -- Edmond Police continue to search for a stolen gun collection. The weapons belong to a man who thought he had stored them in a safe place.

The weapons stolen included a Ruger .357 handgun, a Colt revolver and a Marlin 30/30, all of which belong to an airman stationed at Tinker Air Force Base.

He stored the guns inside a safe in a storage unit at American Self Storage on South Broadway.

"They basically cut the lock on the storage unit," said Glynda Chu for Edmond PD. "We're not even sure if they even knew what was in the safe, but it is a concern for us because inside that safe were 15 guns, an assortment of guns, handguns and rifles."

The owner of the weapons said some of the guns had been handed down from his father and grandfather, so there is great sentimental value to him.

Edmond Police want the guns back. They said the thieves could sell them and they end up falling into the wrong hands.

"Probably, these people are trying to make a fast buck, and the first person who will give them a few dollars, they'll sell these guns to them and they really don't care what they're going to be used for," Chu said.

The airman said he didn't have serial numbers on the guns.

A local gun dealer advised anyone owning weapons should have records of serial numbers, because pawn shops will run a check on guns to determine if they are stolen.

The collection of guns is valued at about $3,500.