Eldorado: Beyond a typical haunting

Friday, October 17th 2008, 10:13 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, News9.com INsite Team

ELDORADO, Okla. - -The paranormal investigative team O.K.P.R.I. recently traveled to Eldorado to do an emergency investigation at the request of homeowners. Almost immediately the team realized what they were dealing with was beyond a typical haunting.

Lisa Parish is the case manager for Oklahoma Paranormal Research and Investigations. Parish was one of the team members present on this investigation.

"They were going to have their house cleansed by a priest because they felt like they were having some demonic possessions going on in their home," Parish said. "They wanted to know if we wanted to come in before they had the house cleansed to see what we could find."

The investigation started out like all other investigations.

"When we rolled up at the home, it was a typical investigation for us," Parish said. "Throughout the night, the longer it got, it became anything but typical."

 O.K.P.R.I. founder Christy Selfridge had even a personal experience.

"The house literally made me sick. I had become very dizzy. My head started pounding. I became very weak," Selfridge said. "I felt like I needed to get out of the house."

Selfridge eventually made her way to the team's van where she laid down for a moment to see if her sick feelings would pass. Parish went to check on Selfridge to see if she was feeling any better.

"She sat up and looked at me with a wild eyed look that I have never seen on her face before," Parish said. "She told me, ‘I'm resisting the urge to choke somebody. I am being physically attacked. This thing's trying to take me over.'"

At this point, Parish left Selfridge to go get her something to drink.

"I was walking off when I felt everything go black around me," Parish said. "It's like the whole earth went out from under my feet, and then I hit the ground."

According to Parish, she immediately lost control of her own body.

"I wasn't physically able to control anything that was going on. I wasn't physically able to communicate," Parish said. "However, I did hear Christy say a few things, and another team member say a couple of things. It's almost like while I was out, I was dreaming, but I wasn't dreaming."

Parish said while she was out, she had a vision of an indescribable entity in her face screaming.

 "I felt like my face was on fire because I felt like my skin was being ripped off my face," Parish said. "It just kept saying, ‘Acknowledge me, acknowledge me, acknowledge me' and I just refused to."

Parish plans on continuing paranormal investigations after this incident. She said she's still a little nervous.

"Oh yeah I'm nervous. Anytime we roll up on a case like that, I'm nervous, but that doesn't mean that I'm scared," Parish said. "As a matter of fact, after the attack, I got up and I went in the house and I clearly stated, ‘You got me once, you won't get me twice.'"

The preliminary results of the investigation by O.K.P.R.I. conclude that the presence that is occupying the home has a demonic origin. The team is still going over their collected evidence. They have urged the homeowners to get the house blessed as soon as possible.

Since I was not able to travel with O.K.P.R.I. on this investigation, I have arranged with the Solis' to do my own investigation of the house by myself. I have multiple questions about what has and is taking place at this location. I want to experience firsthand the same thing that is forcing this family to move from their home.

I will post the results of my own investigation in the coming weeks.