The haunted house in Eldorado

Friday, October 31st 2008, 5:43 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, INsite Team

ELDORADO, Okla. -- Apparitions of a little girl. An unseen wet animal shaking itself dry. Marbles being played with by something that's not there. Markings left on the homeowners face. These are just some of the things Roy and Gloria Solis have experienced in their home in Eldorado.

The strange unexplainable experiences prompted the Solis' to start leaving a tape recorder recording every time they left the house.

"This is where we heard the voice from the tape recorder," Gloria Solis said. "I had a tape recorder sitting up here and it sounded like a little boy's voice. It was making a growling noise into something. Then he said, ‘Be quiet. Be very quiet'."

The little boy's voice isn't the only strange incident from the upstairs bedroom.

"I was coming in this door right here," Gloria Solis said. "The little girl was about right here. She just looked at me. She had on a dress, long blonde hair and blue eyes. She looked at me and smiled and just disappeared."

According to Roy, electronics within the house were also being affected.

"Sometimes you can turn the television set on and it would be a perfect picture, nothing wrong with it," Roy Solis said. "Then, all of the sudden, it would be like a black and white picture and the audio would be gone. Then, all of the sudden, it would just turn off. Then we tried turning it back on, nothing. We'd come back later and turn it on, and it would be like there's nothing wrong with it."

No matter your belief in the paranormal, the family experienced something within their home. The couple has actually moved out of their home that they have just bought and paid off. They want some type of clergy to come in and bless the house for them. They have asked several priests and preachers to do so, but so far no one has obliged them for one reason or other.

I traveled to Eldorado to investigate the house myself. My wife wouldn't let me investigate this house by myself, so she went with me.

The claims that have been made have been experienced at all hours of the day and night. This in mind, I investigated both during the day and night.

Arriving at the home, I noticed that the house itself is actually two houses put together to form one. The location of the house is within the city limits, but it is a rural community.

The house isn't well insulated and whenever you're within the house, you can hear cars passing by, planes flying over and neighborhood dogs barking.

There are multiple factors to take into consideration with this home that might explain away some experiences, such as the locks on the doors of the home. They have never been changed since the couple bought the home. It's feasible that a past owner or renter might still have keys to this property. If that's the case, someone could be going in and out of the house when the Solis' aren't at home. It's highly unlikely, but it has to be considered a possibility.

Just this past week, the neighbor who lives behind the house saw a teenager in the backyard. The teenager was meandering about trying to get inside the home. The neighbor yelled at the trespasser to leave, which he did.

It is possible this wasn't the first time a prowler was around the house. If somebody was within the house as somebody was outside trying to get in, it is possible that the noise by the prowler could be misconstrued.

I noticed on the property two large trees that were next to the house. One is in front and the other is in back. Looking closely at the trees you can see large branches laying on the roof. It is possible that squirrels and other animals might climb from the tree onto the roof causing some of the noises heard within the house. This is just another theory that should be considered.

At the same time, many past tenants of the home claim they have never experienced anything. It needs to be noted that these people never renovated the house. In the paranormal field, countless hauntings have been documented only after some type of renovation was made on the property.

While investigating this house, I tried to cover as much of it as possible.

I set up my video camera in a room by itself recording while my digital recorder was recording in a different room. My wife and I sat outside the house while the recordings took place. We constantly made sure that no other person was around the home while we were investigating.

I wasn't able to catch anything on video. However, I recorded multiple noises such as talking, footsteps and banging all while no one was within the house.

It should be noted that you can hear passing cars, barking dogs and other outside sounds on the recorder. It is very easy to hear the difference between the outside noises and the sounds coming from within the house. What I recorded, I can't explain away.

Before leaving, I tried cleansing the house by doing what is called smudging.

Smudging has been performed for centuries. A smudge stick made of sage is used. It is believed that sage banishes negative energy and cleanses the area.

I smudged the house from top to bottom banishing anything that might have been within the home. It is better for the home owner to do this because the property is theirs. I performed the smudging in this case because the couple didn't know how to perform it.

Since the cleansing, a lot of the activity has died down, but Gloria is still hearing things within the house. The couple does feel a little bit more comfortable within the house, but they are still apprehensive.

This will be an ongoing case for me. The couple is still waiting for somebody to help them bless the home. If somebody would like to help the couple, contact me and I will put you in touch with the homeowners.

No matter what you believe, what the couple is experiencing is real to them. They hope to eventually live within their home peacefully and undisturbed.