Family Mourns Death of Therapy Dog

Thursday, December 11th 2008, 7:22 pm
By: News 9

By Gan Matthews, NEWS 9

ARDMORE, Oklahoma -- An Ardmore family that feared it had lost two therapy dogs now has one of them back.

The Trusty family is happy that Bubbles, one of their missing Chinese Pugs, is back. But they're sad that their other Pug, Pudgy, is dead.

"I loved him," Foster Trusty said. "He was my friend. We liked to go outside and play, and then come in, take naps."

Because Foster could not attend school for a time because of a kidney condition called Lupus, the family got him Pudgy as a therapy dog.

"They suggested that we might get him a pet, a dog or something that he could at least sit around and pet, talk to, to play with and have some interaction," Kevin Trusty, Foster's father, said.

Last Monday night, after giving Pudgy and Bubbles a bath, the Trustys put the pugs out in the back yard with their other dogs. They thought they couldn't get out of the fence. They were wrong.

"Ten minutes later we went back outside to see if they would come back in, and they disappeared," Foster said.

For two days, they searched, posted fliers and offered a reward for the dogs. Then Wednesday night, along a nearby road, the dogcatcher found Bubbles, alive. The Trustys later found Pudgy, dead.

"He had been unfortunately hit by a car and killed," Kevin said.

So now the holiday will be bittersweet for this family.

"We got one of them back, and that made me happy," Foster said.

But they'll miss their other dog, the one that was born on Christmas Day.