Possible Serial Dog Killer Targets Harrah Pets

Thursday, January 8th 2009, 7:18 pm
By: News 9

By Jon Jordan, NEWS 9

HARRAH, Oklahoma -- The Malaske's dog, Squiggy, was like an additional child to the family, but the Malaskes were forced to bury their pet after he died of gunshot wounds just three days after Christmas.

Ten-year-old Brayden Malaske said he didn't understand how anyone would hurt his best friend, Squiggy.

"To me, he was like my little brother," Brayden said.

The eight-year-old dog went missing in a nearby housing addition two days after Christmas, and on December 28, the family found Squiggy.

"I could tell it wasn't good by the look on my husband's face," Sonja Malaske said. "It wasn't good. I thought maybe he had been hit by a car."

Squiggy was shot in the chest twice, killing the family pet.

"They made sure they hit organs," Sonja Malaske said. "He didn't die instantly. It was a very cold night, he suffered."

The Malaskes buried Squiggy a day later, and even though the family pet is gone, they're keeping his memory alive with a special tribute.

The family put signs in the area and offered a reward, hoping someone can help catch the killer.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's office is investigating Squiggy's death and the death of two other dogs. Deputies believe there may be a serial dog killer in the area.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Oklahoma County Sheriff's office at 869-2501.