Tulsa Teens Trash Homes

Friday, January 9th 2009, 8:22 pm
By: News 9

By Lori Fullbright, for NEWS 9

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Four middle school-aged boys were arrested Thursday for breaking into homes in Tulsa. One of the victims said she wishes they would've stolen from her, rather than vandalizing her home.

Diane was at work when Tulsa Police called to tell her that her home had been broken into. She was afraid the burglars may have stolen her new TV or dumped out a few dresser drawers, but instead, they trashed her house.

One Tulsa Police officer said the pointless damage made her sick.

"In here, all they did was break the mirror and took a big chunk of the mirror and sliced my waterbed," said Diane.

Diane, a hard working mother and grandmother, couldn't believe someone would cause so much damage to her home.

The children cut up her waterbed which soaked her carpets, furniture and clothes. They took the eggs from her refrigerator and threw them on the walls in her bedroom, the hallway, and the living room.

"The thoughts, just want to know what thrill did you get out of breaking my stuff?" said Diane.

They came in through the window in a bedroom, which will cost hundreds to replace. They broke her pictures and used something like a broom handle to poke holes in her ceiling. They forced open her lockbox which contained paperwork.

They also took a gallon of soda from her kitchen.

"This is the lucky room. All they did was pour pop all over the the bed," said Diane.

Diane wondered why these kids weren't in school, why their parents didn't know where they were, why they were allowed to roam around neighborhoods, breaking into houses.

She also wanted to know why they didn't steal her new flat screen TV, but chose to destroy it instead.

"It's inside. This isn't broken out here," said Diane.

As far as she can tell, the kids didn't take anything, but it will take her a long time to repair the damage and replace things. She said first on her list is an alarm system.

"They didn't have to break stuff. I don't have anything that valuable in this house. If they wanted it, I would've given it to them. They just didn't have to destroy stuff," said Diane.

One of the police officers felt so badly for Diane, they gave her an old TV they were no longer using.

It'll be up to a juvenile judge to decide what happens to the boys. Diane wants them punished so they'll never do something like what they did to her again.