Mother, Grandmother of El Reno Victims Speaks

Friday, January 16th 2009, 1:12 pm
By: News 9

By Amy Lester, NEWS 9

EL RENO, Oklahoma -- A mother is in Oklahoma dealing with a nightmare.

Susan Rust just got to town Thursday night. Her daughter, Summer, and her four grandkids were murdered a few days ago.

El Reno Family Murdered

NEWS 9's Amy Lester sat down with Rust for a very candid interview.

Rust openly shared her thoughts about her pain, anger and her message for women everywhere.

"Our whole lives are changed, they're changed forever; nothing can ever be the same, nothing," Rust said.

Rust is trying to hold it together, the best she can, after losing her daughter and her granddaughters Kirsten, Autumn and Evynn, and her grandson Teagin.

"I want to know exactly what happened how it happened and why it happened, what she was thinking," Rust said.

Joshua Durcho, Summer's ex-boyfriend, is charged with five counts of first-degree murder.

He's accused of strangling Summer and her kids in their apartment.

"You know that you're so much stronger than a little kid, what could possibly be gained from that, my God," Rust said.

Susan says Summer had just broken up with Durcho.

"She had told him just the day before that she was done, she was done with it, she didn't want to see him anymore," Rust said.

Summer's mother is 100 percent convinced that Durcho is guilty.

"Everybody already knows who did it," Rust said. "What, did he just happen by and, ‘Oh, there, Summer is dead and I'm going to take her car and go flying across the state'?"

And now, Rust wants to know how someone could strangle the people she loves so much.

"I'd like to hear the answers," Rust said. "I'd like him to look me in the eyes and tell me what the hell he was thinking and who the hell he thinks he is."

Rust may never have those answers, but she does plan to use her heartbreak to make a difference.

"If you think you can change him, you think he's going to come around and he's going to be a little Prince Charming, he's not going to do it," Rust said. "He's going to hurt you; he's going to hurt your babies."

Wearing a purple ribbon, Rust's goal is to raise awareness about domestic violence and save lives.

"That's what I have to do with it, with her legacy, is help other women," Rust said.

Rust's family is making funeral arrangements. It'll take place at Redlands Community College, most likely next week.

You can make a donation to help pay for the funerals at Canadian State Bank.