Barack Obama Inspires Oklahoma Songwriter

Tuesday, January 20th 2009, 3:59 pm
By: News 9

By Darren Brown, INsite Team

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Barack Obama's history-making campaign and election to the Presidency has inspired countless Americans.  Some choose to write poems or stories, and others take a more musical approach. 

Becky Perry chose the latter.

Perry runs a home day-care operation, but writes songs almost daily.  She also confesses to not being very politically involved.  That is, until last year.

"There was just something a little bit different about him, everything that he said was just so on point for me," Perry said.  "It really inspired me to definitely start following him and what he was about at that point."  

The phrase 'Yes We Can' was featured prominently in Obama's campaign, and so it's not surprising that it would stick in Perry's memory.

However, the way that she sang it, to herself and any that would listen, was.

"A few days went by, and then the other part of the chorus started coming to me," Perry said.  "I shared just what I had with a few people, and they loved it." 

So Perry, with the help of her 14-year-old son Neaven, completed "The Barack Obama Anthem" in a matter of weeks and set out to record it.

Studio musicians and singers gave the song a professional polish, but what it really needed was a child's touch, so Perry's son Neaven called up some of his friends.

"I love children and music, and so children are on this project at the end of the song, they're singing," Perry said.

"I hope people will listen to the song and will feel the love, the hope, the change, the connection that we all need to definitely come together as a people," Perry said.  "We definitely wanted this to touch all walks of life."

Perry hopes to reach as many people as possible with her song.  Listen to "The Barack Obama Anthem" in its entirety.