The Sky Is Falling at NEWS9

Wednesday, January 28th 2009, 5:55 pm
By: News 9

By Darren Brown, Insite team

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Perhaps you've heard the phrase "That's about as exciting as watching ice thaw."  Well, here at NEWS9, we really do that.

When ice forms on our 1,577-foot-tall TV tower, it has to thaw out and fall somewhere.  That somewhere is usually close to our building.

Dodging big chunks of ice is ho-hum for us NEWS9'ers. 

And it makes for great stories.  Photojournalist Darrin Johnson recalls one close call.

"There was an engineer that was back in the shed one time," said Johnson.  "One came through the shed and dented the live truck--scared him to death." 

Another time, the giant icicles invaded our second story offices.  News Operations Manager Greg Ward remembers it vividly.

 "They went into the Human Resources office and into a hallway, Ward said.  "We had to work on the roof for a month after that finding all the holes from the ice damage.

It's not anything unique to NEWS9, of course.  Television stations all around the country have to deal with the same thing.

But it is rather unique to stand underneath the tower and do an interview about it while ice is still exploding all around. 

"We're kinda watchin', we're paying attention to what's going on beside us so we don't get creamed out here," Ward laughed.  "I'm watchin' your way, and I hope you're watchin' my way!"