Metro Woman Shares Infertility Experience through Book

Friday, February 6th 2009, 6:13 pm
By: News 9

By Melissa Maynarich, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- When you search the Internet for information about a medical condition, facts are easily accessible. But the emotional struggle that comes with the illness is not always easy to find. That's why one metro woman wrote a book.

Learn more about the book, "So you have a fertility problem ... Now What?"

The book is written by a woman who was struggling to have a child.

For five long years, Angela Payne kept a journal about her struggle to get pregnant. In the pages were her thoughts about every doctor's appointment, all the injections and the medication.

"You dream of your wedding, you dream of your family," Angela said. "You get married; you start planning your family, and then all that turns and your plans that you had all fall apart."

Angela, along with her husband Marcus, decided to try in vitro fertilization. The first round failed.

The couple had been diagnosed with infertility. One out of every 10 couples is infertile, according to fertility specialist Dr. David Kallenberger.

"She falls in that group that 20 percent of infertile couple do, and that's unexplained infertility," Kallenberger said. "To where they'll go through whole process of a workup and everything is normal."

A second round of in vitro for the couple was successful. Angela and Marcus had their miracle, Alyssa.

"I feel kind of happy, since they got me into this world," Alyssa said. "They took all those tests and it's just for me to be on Earth."

Now a mother, Angela was compelled to put her journals together in a book. To show others, they're not alone.

"I went through this for a reason," Angela said. "I didn't see it 12 years ago, but I do now. I went through all this to help others, and that's what I want to do, is try to help somebody else through this process."