Job Networking Becomes More Social

Wednesday, February 18th 2009, 5:44 pm
By: News 9

By Jennifer Pierce, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- In this economy, job seekers are getting creative when it comes to finding that hard-to-get job. Many are using a combination of technology and the old fashioned face-to-face approach.

Technology is great tool, but in this economy, e-mailing a resume may not be the best way to present your skills.

Now, people are using sites like Twitter to organize networking meetings called "Tweet Ups." Most find out about the meetings through their computer or Blackberry, and it's becoming the most popular way to get your resume out there.

Holley Mangham, the Communications Director for a local housing agency, said she's tapped into networking sites like Twitter. She said the site has become a great resource for her professionally.

"On my list I have PR people, it people, I have students, professors," Mangham said.

Another way she keeps a leg up on the ever growing competition is by being a member of professional organizations.

"These organizations help you keep your skills current and open up opportunities if you find yourself in need of another place of employment," Mangham said.

The local public relations organization has seen a jump in their monthly meeting attendance.

It was a layoff that landed Carol Wright at a public relations luncheon. She said the face-to-face communication is more important now than ever.

"Resumes can get lost in the mail and on someone's desk. And I think it's more important now than ever just the personal approach, and talking to people and finding what their needs are and how my unique skills can fit within a company that has those needs," Wright said.

Whether it's through Twitter, a professional luncheon, or networking party, these are the places employers seek employees.

"Employers recognize that and go to those groups first for qualified candidates because they know there is a critical source of them there," said Danielle Ezell, who uses networking parties for job searches.

It's also important to think about refreshing your skills, or learning a new skill that could give you an advantage in your workplace.

The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce is holding a large networking party in April. Visit the Chamber's Web site for more information about the networking event.