Exhibit Only To Show in Oklahoma

Wednesday, February 18th 2009, 9:11 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, News9.com INsite Team

OKLAHOMA CITY - Art work, from African American artists from the 1920s through the 1930s, is on exhibit at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. It's the only location in the United States where people can view this exhibit.

Alison Amick is an Associate Curator with the museum. She is also the curator of the Harlem Renaissance exhibit.

"It's a rare chance to get to see works from this period," Amick said. "There is such a great variety of themes and styles and works. It's really a fun exhibit, but there's also a little bit of meat to it too. You can come and enjoy it visually, but yet, you can also really learn something from it as well."

The exhibit draws from multiple mediums to make the exhibit more comprehensive.

"It's also a time period that you can bring in literature and music as well," Amick said. "So we thought it would really be a fun and informative, very diverse period to look at."

Items within the exhibit show how African Americans began to see themselves as a people, in a different light.

"It explores a number of the different themes that emerged during this period from ideas of representation," Amick said. "To the artist looking beyond the type of negative imagery that existed in popular culture. It also explores some of their influences from European Modernism to African Art to Art Deco. There's a lot going on artistically during this period as well."

The Harlem Renaissance exhibit is on show now through April 19. Museum visitors are encouraged to make a day of seeing the exhibit and visiting the museum's café, both of which the entire family can enjoy.

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