Metro Women's Club Encourages Running for Health

Tuesday, August 11th 2009, 4:16 pm
By: News 9

By Melissa Maynarich, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A start-up fitness group in the metro just for women never thought they would strike such a chord in the community.

RunHers has attracted ladies from every walk of life -- in just two months.

Oklahoma City leaders say, its proof there's been a cultural shift when it comes to Oklahomans and obesity.

The shift gained momentum on a local level when Oklahoma City's mayor urged residents to lose one million pounds. And it's lead to groups like runHers popping up around the area.

An update on Oklahoma City's diet has Mayor Mick Cornett looking positively toward the future. Especially when groups like runHers are at the starting line.

"The idea that you see this physically fit group of people actively out exercising, I think just continues to convey that cultural shift that we're talking about," Mayor Cornett said.

Already 70-members strong, the team supports and teaches each other how to sprint toward success.

"If you only want to walk, that's great, we're here for you," runHers spokesperson Christiana Eckert said. "But, if you want to run a marathon one day, we can help you get there too."

Ladies of all ages are heading toward their own personal finish line. The dedication is paying off.

"I've toned up my body, I've went down two short sizes, and I love the atmosphere," runHers member Charlene Caldwell said.

It's not just about the exercise at RunHers -- it's about having the motivation to exercise; women supporting women to take the necessary steps. In turn -- others around these ladies will start down the same path, too.

"Their family is going to see exercise as a way of life, they are going to eat healthier," Caldwell said. "They are going to be an example for their friends and their neighbors, and we think the whole community will be healthier."

There is a $35 fee to be in the group and a cheaper rate for college students and kids. Scholarships are available if you don't have the money to join.

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