Teen Accused of Asking Married Boyfriend to Kill Her Dad

Friday, July 30th 2010, 11:51 am
By: News 9

By Adrianna Iwasinksi, NEWS 9

GUTHRIE, Oklahoma -- A teenage girl is accused of asking her married boyfriend to kill her father in a Guthrie home.

Kaleigh Fryer, 15, and Jerry Chiles, 21, are charged in the May 13 stabbing death of Fryer's father, 42-year-old Lewis Keith Fryer Jr.

Chiles testified Thursday during a preliminary hearing in Logan County court. He reached a plea deal with prosecutors, in which he will plead guilty to murder in exchange for testimony against his girlfriend, Kaleigh Fryer, and a life prison sentence without the possibility of parole instead of the death penalty.

Chiles said Fryer told him she was pregnant, showed him where the kitchen knives were in the house and asked him to kill Lewis Fryer. Court documents state Chiles admitted to detectives that he did it, and that he and Kaleigh had talked about killing her father. He said she also left a door to the house unlocked.

Kaleigh's attorney questions the boyfriend's motivation and credibility.

"His credibility is going to continue to shrink and it is my opinion based on what I saw yesterday that he doesn't have a whole lot of credibility now,' said attorney Eric Reynolds.

Kaleigh's brother Keith Fryer is still trying to grapple with the loss of his father and the arrest of his sister and friend. He said while he waits for justice to be served, he can't help but wish he could have done something to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Keith Fryer said he feels lost and alone now that his dad is gone.

"I enjoyed the 18 years I got to spend with him. My dad was only 5'2" but he was the only 5'2" person I'd ever look up to," Keith said. "My dad was and still is the perfect role model to me."

Keith's father Lewis Fryer, or Louie as he was called, was found inside his Guthrie home. He had been stabbed in the neck and back.

"The person who did it was supposed to be my friend and then the other is my sister so it's just a huge amount of betrayal," Keith said.

Reynolds said Kaleigh has steadfastly denied asking her boyfriend to kill her father and said she is also an innocent victim.

"It is my belief that she could not see him for who he was and that she had actually let a wolf into her home and she is as surprised as anyone about what happened," Reynolds said.

Her brother disagrees. He just wants justice to be served and to make sure his father is not forgotten.

"I loved my dad and I always will. I'll take his morals and convictions with me," Keith said.

Jerry Chiles and Kaleigh Fryer will be back in court on August 30.