Thunder Fans Brave Bitter Cold

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011, 10:47 pm
By: News 9

Jon Jordan, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Cristina Baker is a dedicated Thunder fan, so much so, not even bone chilling temperatures or the hip surgery she had just three weeks ago was going to keep her home.

"I haven't let my house since Monday afternoon so I jumped at the first opportunity to get out," said Baker.

Baker wasn't the only one.

Thousands of other fans braved the bitter cold to watch the Thunder in action. Corrina Harrison, who's originally from Germany, said she's used to the cold and wasn't going to let snow prevent her from seeing her Thunder.

"We got the tickets. We got to go," said Harrison.

Fans were willing to risk the arctic temperatures and those trying to sell tickets were even willing to cut a deal.

"I would settle for a cup of hot cocoa for this tickets," laughed Mike Martin.

Martin said the tickets were supposed to be for his mother. He bought them for her for as a Christmas present, but thought it was best she watched the game from home.

"She's 88-years-old and this was going to be her first game and I was afraid to bring her," said Martin.

Making it possible for the fans to get to the game were street crews who brought in heavy machinery to make sure the roads were clear.

"I've got like four layers underneath me and jackets…beanies and scarves and anything you can think of," said Mike West, a lot attendant who was grateful for the clear streets.

West, who had been standing outside for almost three hours, said he didn't think he would need all the layers, but not because it wasn't cold, but because he wasn't sure people would come.

"I didn't think anybody was going to be out here but they started showing up at like 5 o'clock. I as surprised," West said.