Benefit Held For OKC Police Officer Critically Injured In Bar Fight

Saturday, February 19th 2011, 7:10 pm
By: News 9

Jon Jordan, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- About $20,000 has been raised so far for an Oklahoma City police officer who was critically injured during at a bar fight Tuesday night.

A benefit was hosted at Dan O'Brien's Saturday to raise money for Officer Chad Peery, who is currently recovering in an Intensive Care Unit.

The fight left Peery paralyzed from the neck down, however, fortunately since the attack, his family said Peery has begun to move his arms.

"It's that Oklahoma standard that's been set so many times in the past. It's not just Oklahoma City residents but Oklahoma residents. We feel confident that the outpouring will continue and people will help Chad and his family make it through this," said Oklahoma City Police Capt. Patrick Stewart.

The benefit started at 6 p.m. Saturday but people and his fellow officers came out early to show their support for Peery and his family.

"We really are a close family and that's just with the Oklahoma City Police department, I think that's with all law enforcement agencies. We just tend to pull together and support each other when the need arises. I don't even think that the question is, 'Why they need to come' because the fact is they will be here to support their fellow officer, their fellow brother and his family," Stewart said.

"Chad is the type of guy that even if you didn't know him he would give you the shirt off his back," said Oklahoma City Police Staff Sgt. Chris Page. "He is just a great guy."

Page and Officer Peery became close friends when Peery joined the force three years ago.

According to court records, the three-year veteran of the Oklahoma City Police Department and father of four was off-duty at the time and approached by employees of Dan O'Brien's asking for his help to break up a bar fight.

As he was escorting three men out, he was attacked.

"He was here with his father and long time family friend but people needed help and Chad decided to step in and provide that help, quality and character in which he possess," Stewart said.

"He was off-duty the night that he was injured so for him to step up and be brave enough to help us out whenever he was here off-duty was very admirable," said Dan O'Brien's employee Laci Scott.

In addition to the benefit, the bar will have donation jars out all night for customers wanting to donate to Officer Peery. A fund has been set up for Chad Peery online and at Municipal Employees Credit Union.

The three men accused of attacking Officer Peery appeared in court Friday. Joshua Rinken, Jimmy Smith, and Cadmio Lopez are expected to be charged with maiming. All three are being held without bond.