Consumer Watch: Oklahoma Repair Shop Has Watch More Than 3 Years

Wednesday, March 9th 2011, 9:31 pm
By: News 9

Amanda Taylor, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- For the most part, Dan Bensinger's watch had been on his wrist since 1970. That's when he spent half a month's pay to get it while serving in the Navy.

"I wanted to learn diving," Dan Bensinger said. "And that's why I bought the watch waterproofed to 100 meters."

But even when his Navy days were over, the watch stayed on.

"Especially when I go to church or go out to eat with the wife or something like that. I'd like to have that great big hunk of silver," Bensinger said.

But it stopped running. So around 2007, he took it to A Better Time Service in Oklahoma City after learning they do work on older mechanical watches.

Bensinger was told it would take a few months to repair since a part had to be ordered from Switzerland. But then he said excuses started and months went by.

He said more excuses followed and now three years later, he's getting another story.

"It's now turned into 'Well I gave it to this other guy. Now it's at this shop in Guthrie,'" Bensinger said he was told.

Working or not, this veteran just wants his watch returned.

"Just tell me the truth and say, "Hey, I gave it my best. I can't do it. Here's your watch back.'" Bensinger said.

News 9 Consumer Watch reporter Amanda Taylor went to talk to the shop's owner and at first it wasn't looking good. The owner said he didn't recall Bensinger or his watch. After jogging his memory by showing him a copy of Bensinger's receipt, the owner found the watch and said it's basically fixed.

The owner added the watch still needed to be fine tuned, but will be ready within a week. As for why it's taken so long, he said that's typical with watches that are no longer in production. It also took him a while to find the parts and he said when he did find them, shipping took longer than usual.

Bensinger was overjoyed to hear the good news.

"Thank you very much," Bensinger said. "I will be so relieved to get that back."

The Consumer Watch team called a few other watch repair shops in the metro that repair older watches. They agreed a good length of time to wait if they need to order rare parts for your watch is no more than six months.