Details Released Of Abuse Allegations Against Oklahoma City Police Officer

Monday, March 14th 2011, 3:51 pm
By: News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The arrest warrant for a man accused of aiding an Oklahoma City police officer accused of molesting a teenage boy listed serious and disturbing allegations against Sgt. Maurice Martinez.

On Friday, March 11, police arrested 31-year-old Thomas Salazar for accessory after the fact to lewd acts with a child, and accessory after the fact to allowing abuse by a caretaker. According to the arrest warrant, Martinez instructed Salazar to remove evidence from his home. Police said Salazar entered the house before officers had finished searching it for evidence, taken several items and "planted" evidence.

Martinez was arrested in January after one of his adopted sons accused him of sexual abuse. Martinez was the single, adoptive father of three teenage boys and foster parent of an additional three teenage boys at the time.  He told News 9 he is innocent.

According to the arrest warrant, the 16-year-old victim told a church pastor that Martinez had sexually touched him, and forced the boy to touch him too. After police learned of the allegations, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services took custody of all the children in Martinez's home and told him he could not contact any of them. Witnesses said just two days later, Martinez arrived at the children's shelter in his police uniform and demanded to see the children.

Detectives interviewed the 16-year-old victim several times. He told investigators Martinez had abused other children, as well, forcing them to perform sex acts. Soon after Martinez was arrested, a homemade video of the victim was released in which the teen claimed he lied about the sexual abuse allegations. Police said they later learned Martinez was with the victim when the video was recorded, and he pressured the 16-year-old to recant his story.

Troy Dobbs, one of Martinez's sons said that never happened.

"We made the video because he wanted to make it," Dobbs said.

According to the arrest warrant, when police searched Martinez's home, they found numerous pictures of young men in semi-nude poses. Some of the victims were Martinez's former foster children. Police said they also found images on Martinez's computer of foster and adopted children exposing their genitals and engaging in oral sex.

When officers searched Martinez's home, they also found two surveillance cameras. One was in the bedroom of one of the officer's teenage, adopted sons. Police said the victim had told someone at his church about the video camera.

Detectives said they discovered disturbing video on Martinez's computer. It showed one of Martinez's foster children being kicked, beaten, choked and tackled by other children. In a separate video, the boy holds up a dollar bill and says he received it for "licking" another boy's genitals. Police interviewed the boy and he said when he told Martinez about the abuse, the police officer said he would talk to the other children, but the boy didn't know if he ever did.

Martinez's sister, Nicole Barkalow, said much of what was found on the computer can be explained.

"I can guarantee you that no matter who you are, if there are six teenagers there's going to be some inappropriate behavior on computers and phones," Barkalow said.

Barkalow said since her brother was a foster parent, DHS checked on his home every single month and did so for 10 years.

"If they thought any inappropriate behavior was taking place at that house, why did they keep placing children there?" said Barkalow.

Martinez's attorney Irven Box said he's puzzled that police revealed this information.

"We'll have to evaluate it. We've seen it, we've got a copy of it, we'll look at that and go forward with our defense of Mr. Martinez," Box said.

Martinez has not been formally charged with any crime.

Barkalow said the entire family believes Martinez is innocent and they are standing by him.