Mother Warns Other Parents After Child Choked By Blind Cord

Wednesday, April 6th 2011, 9:39 pm
By: News 9

Dana Hertneky, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY – A mother is warning other parents after she almost lost her four-year-old son when she found the boy not breathing, hanging from a blind cord.

The Wilson family said it's a miracle they've been able to bring their son Jacob home from the hospital.

"They tried to be as positive as they could, but there's not a lot of ways to sugarcoat ‘Your son may not wake up,'" said Andrea Wilson, Jacob's mother.

Sunday, Wilson found her son hanging from a blind cord in the window.

"I unwrapped the cord. He wasn't breathing," said Wilson. "So I brought him over to the floor, yelled his name a couple times."

She preformed CPR and then called 911. Colin Roy was the EMSA supervisor on duty.

"It was my feeling that injuries of this nature have very grave outcomes a lot of the times," said Roy.

"We needed to be prepared for a brain injury, brain damage or brain death and he'd tell us everything he needed to know by waking up or not," Wilson said.

Ten hours later, Jacob did wake up. Aside from this mark on his neck, there's little evidence of what happened, until you take a close look at the Wilson's mini blinds.

"It used to be quite a bit longer and there used to a ball on the end," Wilson said of the blind cord.

She decided to cut all the cords in her house. Experts say that may be a little extreme, but all cords should at least be tied up high.

"Very important to go through the house and see what could be a danger to you to the children and take action from that," said Roy.

Paramedics say the fact that Andrea knew CPR and was able to perform it on her son may have also saved his life.