State Rep. Investigating DHS Oversight Of Sex Offender, Teen Runaway Case

Wednesday, April 13th 2011, 11:15 pm
By: News 9

Adrianna Iwasinski, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Kingfisher County Sheriff's Office is working on returning a lifetime registered sex offender on his 14-year-old niece he was on the run with to Oklahoma.

Right now US Marshalls tell us they are not seeking federal charges against Matthew Mallory and the OSBI is investigating. In the meantime, one state representative is launching his own investigation into whether DHS dropped the ball in this case.

"When you say that you are here to protect our children, protect our children regardless of whatever statutes, you protect our kids," said State Representative Mike Sanders.

Rep. Sanders has asked for all the DHS records pertaining to lifetime registered sex offender Matthew Mallory and the children living in his home.

"Why are sexual predators and molesters living with children?" Sanders asks.

Sanders wants to know if there was a breakdown in policy and communication at the Department of Human Services when it came to this case. His office started investigating Matthew and Ariel Mallory before they were captured, and even before they disappeared.

"I got word of this less than two weeks ago and we moved mountains with the help of OSBI and the District Attorney's office," said Rep. Sanders. "How can we move something in 72 hours where DHS had ten months?"

"DHS is not alone in the protection of children," said DHS spokesperson Sheree Powell.

Powell said she can't understand how Representative Sanders can commend law enforcement and then point blame at their agency. She also affirmed that DHS does not have the authority to remove children on its own, which is something Sanders said needs to be looked at.

"The living conditions alone should have had those kids out of that house," Rep. Sanders said.

Sanders said above all he wants to know why Matthew Mallory, a lifetime registered sex offender, was allowed to live in a house with young children and said that's a policy that needs to be researched, looked at and changed.

I am only one man but if at the end of the day if I can save one child, one child from going through this, I've done my job," said Sanders.

For now, both Ariel and Matthew Mallory will be spending one more night in the custody of Texas deputies.

Matthew Mallory faces felony charges for failing to register as a sex offender when he took off and for child abandonment. But the D.A. said more charges could be filed in this case.