Edmond Police Search For 2 Scam Artists

Monday, June 6th 2011, 11:59 am
By: News 9


EDMOND, Oklahoma -- Edmond police are searching for two men who scammed another man out of more than $3,500.

Police say the victim was at the Target store at 1200 E. 2nd Street when an older man in a gold sports coat approached him and asked him for a ride to the CVS store at S.E. 15th Street and Bryant. The victim said the man had an African accent, so he figured he was new to the country and needed some help. The victim agreed to give the man a ride.

When they arrived at the store, the suspect went inside and came out with another black male. The two started arguing about whether they could trust each other. The two men decided in order to prove they could trust each other, they'd give each other money. They then asked the victim to drive them to Chase Bank at 300 S. Bryant so one of them could withdraw some cash.

Once the suspects exchanged money, they started asking the victim if he could be trusted. To prove he could, the victim gave them cash he had with him, about $3,550. To prove the victim could trust them, the two suspects told him they were going to take his money, walk around the building, and come right back.

After the suspects left, the victim waited for several minutes, but the suspects never returned. The victim realized he'd been scammed and went searching for the two men, but never found them. He then called police.

Police say the two suspects obviously knew each other before they met at the store. They've released pictures from surveillance video of the two scam artists. Although the suspects' faces are not clear, police hope someone will recognize them by their other physical attributes and clothing. If you have any information, call Edmond police at (405) 359-4491.