Consumer Watch: French Drain Doesn't Dry Up Water Problem

Monday, July 11th 2011, 10:10 pm
By: News 9

Amanda Taylor, News 9

MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma -- A fan constantly blows underneath Geneva Waller's home. It's the only thing keeping her crawl space dry. She first noticed water under her home a couple of years ago after it rained.

"Smells like wet dirt," Waller said.

So she called out Metro-Plex Foundation and Drain. For almost $1,900, they installed a French drain along the back of her home.

"He assured me a French drain would take care of the problem," Waller said.

But Waller learned after the next big rain that the problem wasn't fixed.

"Had water under here again," said Waller. "And it was coming out the holes. It was like there was a hose on the other side and it was just squirting out."

Waller called Metro-Plex Foundation and Drain back out. They dug the drain deeper and added a sump pump for another $400. But more rain meant more water under the house.

"My girls were born here. My grandkids come here all the time and this is where I'll die. I need the house," Waller said.

Metro-Plex told Waller they'd return to find the water source. But although Waller called several times, the company never showed.

"Find out where the water's coming in and take care of that or give me my money back and I'll get somebody else who knows what they're doing," Waller said.

The Consumer Watch Team called Daniel Ice with Mullin Plumbing to check it out.

While he said the French drain and sump pump are installed correctly, they're not on the correct side of the house. A quick walk around the property and Ice solved the water mystery.

"Because your air vent is below your dirt level, any water in there is going in one hole and probably right across the house," Ice said.

And Ice said it's an inexpensive fix; easily repaired by lowering the flower bed a few inches. It's news Waller is happy to hear.

"Somebody's finally finding some answers," Waller said.

Daniel Ice with Mullin Plumbing said before starting any work, a company should trouble shoot. In this case, test the property on a rainy day or get on the roof and run water hoses.

Amanda Taylor called Metro-Plex owner, Jake Schatz, to find out why his company never returned. He never returned her call.

Before hiring any company, get references and check its standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Metro-Plex has an "F" rating with several complaints.