Hawk Family Has Neighbors Crying Fowl

Friday, July 15th 2011, 6:51 pm
By: News 9

Darren Brown, News 9

EDMOND, Oklahoma -- Most of their neighbors didn't even notice when they moved in, but now an Edmond family is causing quite a disturbance.  A family of Mississippi kite hawks has taken up residence in a tree close to the neighborhood playground near 33rd and Santa Fe.

The hawks' nest is also above a brick mailbox that Troy Hood has been repairing over the last few days.  The job normally takes much less time, but Hood spent the first day ducking and dodging the hawks.

"One bird leaves the nest, went and got four or five," Hood said.  "They started swoopin' down dive bombin' us."

Hood hired his brother-in-law to stand guard with a broom so he could finish his work. 

"Well, I mean when they look at ya when they're comin' down they got their eyes squinted," said Hood.  "They just look like they're birds of prey."

Lisa Stephenson, who lives across the street from the nest, said one hawk is ultra-territorial.

"He's even flown like three houses down and dive bombed them," Stephenson said.  "It's crazy."

Mississippi kite hawks are known to be aggressive toward humans, especially when there are young hawks involved, and that's the problem in this particular neighborhood.  At least one white fuzzy head can be seen poking above the nest from the ground.

According to The Wildcare Foundation,  an Oklahoma animal rehabilitation facility, the young hawk has about another month before it leaves the nest and the parents follow.