Style My Summer Winner: Maegan Burnside

Wednesday, July 20th 2011, 1:27 pm
By: News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Congratulations to Maegan Burnside, of Hobart. She is the third winner in the News 9 Style My Summer Contest.

Burnside has won a $500 shopping spree along with makeover from Anthony David Salon.

Burnside was nominated by her sister, Chazile Jones, who said her sister has been riddled with medical heartbreak but she "has never given up and continues to fight with everything she has." She is an example to everyone that anything is possible.

Read the essay submitted by her sister below:

My sister totally deserves this makeover. She is 20-years-old and has had a life full of medical heartbreak and it will continue for life. At the age of 13, she had a partial hysterectomy and was told she would never have children. At the age of 14, she was diagnosed with Epilepsy. She has struggled with seizures ever since. While most kids at 16 were out driving, she was stuck at home being home-schooled because she couldn't attend public schools without complete humility. She wasn't allowed to get a driving license until the age of 18. Then, at 19, she lost her license due to her seizures. It was a horrible event for her, but she did receive a blessing, she DID GET PREGNANT. My niece was a miracle and the doctors were stunned, but the pregnancy was very very challenging. It sent her seizures into overdrive and she was hospitalized the majority of her pregnancy. My niece was delivered at 29 weeks because it was either save my sister's life or the baby's with a slight chance of being able to save both. It was horrible. My sister stayed every waking moment in the hospital with my niece and my sister was in horrible shape herself but she wouldn't leave her baby. The generosity of the Ronald McDonald House also was greatly appreciated. The moral to the story is my sister has never ever given up and she continues to fight with everything she has. She is a true blessing and she gives others everything she can and never takes care of herself because she is too concerned with the well being of others. She is a wonderful candidate. She is very beautiful but I want her to feel it because her seizures make her very insecure due to the brain loss she has suffered due to the seizures. I know you all will get lots of entries and by all means I know there are many who need this but I believe with all my heart she is a fine candidate! Thank you so much!