Consumer Watch Update: Awning Company Gets Second Strike At Softball Complex

Thursday, July 21st 2011, 10:25 am
By: News 9

Amanda Taylor, News 9

SEMINOLE, Oklahoma -- Ron Smith with the Seminole Softball Association has had nothing but problems with Awnings of Southwest.

The entire city pitched in to raise nearly $5,000 to pay the company to hang netting around all four ball fields.

But three months later, one sagging net was all that was hung.

"It's not even cut to fit," said Ron Smith. "It's suppose to be cut to fit."

A crew would tell Smith they were on there way but no one ever showed.

Even I had trouble tracking down anyone with the company. Finally after speaking with the original owners, I got a message from someone saying a crew would be at the complex the next day.

They showed up, but now five weeks later, that same net is the only one hanging, but with a few modifications.

"It's tied to the bleachers, which the bleachers move. They are not permanent," Smith said. 

And the rest of the netting is stuffed into a plastic tub.

"This is a million plus dollar facility the city has built. I don't want it looking junky.  I'm tired of being lied to."

A man by the name of Magdaleno Morales is now part owner of Awnings of Southwest, along with Kim Hunziker.

Three weeks ago, before hanging up on me, Morales told me his crew would be back to Seminole the next day and the work would take about a week.

But no substantial work has been done since that call.

I called Morales again this week. Again, he told me they'd be out the next day and the work would take about a week.

I've been by Awnings of Southwest numerous times and no one's been there, either. The city of Seminole is now considering taking legal action.

The softball association is looking for volunteers to help them put the netting up themselves.