Wednesday's Heat Cooks Eggs and Cookies

Wednesday, August 3rd 2011, 7:17 pm
By: News 9

Ricky Maranon,

NORMAN, Oklahoma -- On one of the hottest days of the year, News 9 took to Lloyd Noble Center's black top parking lot to see if an egg would actually cook on the hot ground.

We took four eggs. Two would be placed in a black frying pan that had been sitting out in the sun for 15 minutes, and two eggs would be cracked open and dropped directly on the ground.

Despite what has been shown in movies, cartoons and sitcoms, the eggs did not immediately sizzle. In fact, they just sat there.

After five minutes, there was some bubbling and slow cooking had started. In one egg, the yolk began to expand.

Twenty-five minutes from when we began, we saw some different results.

One egg had in fact cooked in a sunny-side up manner.

The other egg on the ground's yolk had expanded and doubled in size and then crystalized.

The two eggs in the frying pan were nothing more than a "hot mess." They crystalized and became almost like a sugary-like crust you'd find on top of a creme brule.

So can an egg cook in this heat?

From what we found, the answer is yes, but it can also simply just harden.

How the egg cooks is hit and miss.

A viewer also sent us pictures of cookies baking on her dashboard.

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