Convicted Pharmacist Adjusts To Life In Prison

Friday, August 5th 2011, 11:45 pm
By: News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Jerome Ersland, the pharmacist convicted of murdering a robber in his Oklahoma City pharmacy, has been moved into the medium-security prison at Lexington. 

In a series of brief postcards sent to a friend who is spearheading efforts to gain his release, Ersland offers a glimpse of his transition to prison life.

Karen Monahan shared the following excerpts with News 9.

The first postcard is not dated and says:


I am in SNAP time. [which Karen says is code between them for "DON'T SAY NOTHING TO NOBODY"]

It is as bad as it can get.

Please don't stop I don't want to lose your support. You have given me hope after I lost everything.

Your Homey, [Karen said "Homey" is their code name for someone who has your back.]


An excerpt from the second postcard dated August 1 says:

Dear Karen,

Thank you for working so hard for me….I just started my journal on January 1st of this year…I miss you so much. Plan C looks good thanks to you.

God Bless you Homey!

Love, Jerome

An excerpt from the third postcard says:

You don't know how much everything means to me. Thank God. You don't know how bad everything is here. Also worrying about getting out of here. I have to be handcuffed and two guards accompanying me to my appointments. Everyone has tattoos except for me I think. They don't let me have a radio or TV here.

Thank you Karen for all you have done. For all your hard work.

Yours in Christ,


Monahon is writing a book and will return to the state capitol August 11 with more signatures seeking clemency for Ersland from Gov. Mary Fallin.

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