OKC's Plaza District Is 'Strung Out' By Hard-Core Knitters

Wednesday, September 7th 2011, 4:09 pm
By: News 9


OKLAHOMA CITY – A local group of knitters gave Oklahoma City's Plaza District a new, colorful look Wednesday morning.

Just after midnight, the group placed knitted coverings on light poles, benches and other public objects near N.W. 16th Street and Blackwelder. They say their so called "yarn bomb" was a way to celebrate handmade art. It was also a way for Collected Thread owner Lindsay Zodrow to celebrate the third anniversary of her shop.

"I think little actions like this can change an area," said Zodrow. "When visiting other cities, I look for areas that are quirky and lively. Sure, we are just knitting huge socks for street posts, but I hope that in knitting these things, we are bringing a little more character to a great district."

The Girlie Show owner Erin Merryweather says the "yarn bomb" is part of an ongoing project, and she hopes others will be inspired to do something creative.

"The concept of the ‘yarn bombing' underground phenomenon from around the world is awesome, and we needed some of that in a big way here," said Merryweather. "We think bringing this concept to Oklahoma City in a large installation format will be well received in the community and will be a fun representation of textiles as art to the general public."