Harrah Family, Police Officer Fight To Help Sick Boy

Sunday, November 20th 2011, 10:15 pm
By: News 9

Chris McKinnon, News 9

HARRAH, Oklahoma -- The Luka family lives day to day. Their oldest son, 5-year-old Logan, is clinging to life in his bedroom.

There is a constant hum in the Luka house from Logan's oxygen machine, which pumps 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Logan was born prematurely and suffered from a ventricular hemorrhage in his brain and other complications. He defied the odds, spoke his first words, took his first steps and even went to school.

That all changed when Logan suffered his first seizure in February. Doctors performed several brain surgeries on the young boy.

"He started having seizures in February and since then, um we've had a downhill slide of his health," explained Logan's mother Christie Luka. "It just continues to deteriorate."

The Luka family takes life day by day. They provide constant care for their son who has up until recently defied so many odds.

"He is a blessing in so many ways," said Luka. "He's not giving up so there's no way that we're giving up on him."

Logan is on oxygen and sleeps most of the time. Luka says he has bad days when he stops breathing several times. She's a nurse and says on occasion, she's had to perform CPR. However, Logan and his parents know how to fight.

"We were told for the first three days of his life that he wouldn't make it through the night," said Luka. "Miraculously, he did."

As Logan fights to stay alive, his family tries to keep things as normal as they can. Logan loves police officers and has become good friends with Officer Phil Stewart and his K-9 Ajo from the Harrah Police Department.

"We made Logan an honorary officer and then we made his little brother an officer so that he would have automatic backup and a district partner," explained Stewart. "He and Ajo [have] a special connection."

Stewart has spearheaded an effort to raise awareness and support for Logan's condition. He has set up a fund to donate to the family.

Luka said the two brothers becoming police partners was only fitting because the two are inseparable most of the time.

"Mason, the first thing he does every morning is, ‘Where's bubba," said Luka. Bubba is Logan's nickname. "He will go and crawl in bed with him and crawl under the covers with his cup and lay and watch cartoons with him."

The family spends as much time together as they can, and Luka knows she can't take that time for granted. Andy and Christie Luka say they focus on small improvements and seen them as big accomplishments. They hope their son will make another miraculous recovery.

For donation information, call Officer Phil Stewart with the Harrah Police Department at (405) 921-5356.