Del City Mother: Judge Accused Of Fraud Shouldn't Rule On Guardianship

Tuesday, November 22nd 2011, 8:01 pm
By: News 9

A Del City mother is outraged at an Oklahoma County judge. She said Judge Tammy Bass- Lesure should not have been allowed to rule on her guardianship, because she has legal troubles of her own.

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"I don't believe she should be allowed to hear any case that deals with any minor children," said Jodie Lynn Poplin, whose guardianship case was heard before Judge Bass-Lesure last week. "I do not! I believe that with my whole heart."

Judge Tammy Bass-Lesure was taken off of all criminal cases and contested adoptions. But she is still on the bench ruling on probates, guardianships and uncontested adoptions; something Poplin said is ridiculous, considering Bass-Lesure is accused of adoption fraud and perjury.

Bass-Lesure is facing more than 30 felony counts.

"Tammy Bass-Lesure did not give me the right to be heard," cried Poplin. " I think it's sad that society has come to you, pay me a lot of money and I will get you that child, or you show me a piece of paper that says you have the right to have that child, when I put blood, sweat and tears along with my husband into raising this child!"

Poplin claims Dalton's birth mother relinquished her parental rights to the little boy, not just once, but three separate times.

Dalton is now 16. Poplin said her step sister took him, and she is now fighting her for custody. Dalton is currently in West Virginia, but Poplin is hoping one day soon she'll get to bring him back home.

"We want him to come home, but I don't think Tammy Bass-Lesure has the right to say I don't get to have my son back. I want my son! I love my son!"

The District Attorney's office also confirms they have received several letters asking why Judge Tammy Bass-Lesure is allowed to still rule on any cases, and why she has not chosen to recuse herself until her own court case is finished.

We did contact Judge Tammy Bass-Lesure's office and were told she has no comment.

Poplin's attorney does admit the judge was ruling on the custody based on the law that governs "notice issues" on guardianship cases. But he plans to appeal her decision to the Supreme Court.